3 reasons why the everyman should do his own taxes

It’s tax season ladies, and that pile of paperwork isn’t going anywhere unless you make it. You can always take the easy way out and fork over some of your hard-earned dough to let someone else do it – but unless you’ve got fuck-you money, I heartily recommend you man up and take care of it yourself. This is especially true for young men just starting out in life – learn to take control of your finances or they’ll take control of you. Below are four reasons why your ordinary man should do his own taxes.

  1. It instills a healthy hatred of the IRS

This is the number one reason why every man should do his own taxes. It will make you loath the IRS, and probably the entire federal government as well. And I think a healthy dose of anti-government feeling does a man good, like scotch and ribeye steak.

I know you already hate paying your taxes, but when you actually sit down and go through the convoluted bullshit that is your tax return I promise you there’s a little extra anger that you haven’t tapped into yet.

  1. Its hard

We’ve got a lot of problems in America, and one of the biggest is everybody is looking for the easy way out. Well here’s a fucking secret, life isn’t easy. Neither are your taxes. Put on your big boy panties, be a fucking man and instead of doing the bare minimum for once give a solid effort.

  1. You’ll learn all the loopholes

Aside from the character building benefits of not wussing out on things that are “hard” like your taxes, if you do them yourself you’ll actually learn how the hell they work. Hidden in the US tax code are hundreds of hidden loopholes that you can use to save money. If you just submit the simplest form possible, you could be paying for that easy fix in hundreds or thousands of dollars of rebate money.

4. Today it’s usually as easy as utilizing free software (depending on your income level) which does all the hard work for you. You’ve really got no excuse when these programs are free and do just as good a job at getting you max cash back as a hired accounting firm.

Do your own taxes so that you’ll hate your government more, be a little less of a bitch, and potentially get some serious cash back.



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