Fighting the Good Fight – Like a Man

It’s uncomfortable, but yesweman is going to talk about race in America. We’re not going to shy away from uncomfortable conversations – that’s cowardice and cowardice is distinctly unmanly.

Also, because I’m such a narcissist we’re gonna talk about me. And you. And as always, being a man.

Why yesweman exists

Across the country I see a sort of dilapidated state of manhood. It frustrates and concerns me to see values like integrity, honor, and courage become more and more scarce in the men around me.

While my take is often lighthearted – sarcastic even – this is always the root concern of this website. I often avoid a more serious discussion of the subject because many other places do so, arguably better than I could.

Being a “man” is sometimes a ridiculous proposition, weighed down by decades of crusty stereotypes and tired clichés. It’s ripe for criticism and humor. However, even after we consider the ridiculousness associated with manliness, it’s still important. It’s important to our families, our communities and our country. Because of this I struggle to identify the correct tone for this place and also for my own views.

That’s one of the main reasons I haven’t posted anything I’ve written since January, I haven’t been able to pin down the best way to approach an issue that has any number of takes and viewpoints. Until recently, that is.

Recent events, specifically those in Charleston, have convinced me of a few things.

First, it’s reaffirmed what we all knew all along – there is a growing shortage of good, strong and honorable men in this country.

Secondly it’s convinced me that I’ll never be satisfied watching on the sidelines as that shortage gets worse year by year. I’ve got to speak my mind on this subject – even if I sound like a dinosaur to some and a “cuck” to others. As a man, I can do no less.

Third, it convinced me that yesweman can and should have the depth to be both humorous and deadly serious at the same time. The absolute cowardice, dishonor, perversion of American ideology, and utter disgrace to manhood that was on display in Charleston is both of those things. It is a deadly, serious, grave concern to see white supremacy and fascist ideology embraced by “American” “men”.

At the same time, watching obese “militiamen” who barely had the stamina to stand in their tacticool gear (let alone fight) and wannabe tough-guys dressed up to look like a Nazi Geek Squad (sorry BestBuy) is also hilarious. I mean, they were ridiculous.

Be a man, not a racist

Yesweman is about being a fucking man. At the end of the day we all have to decide what that means for ourselves – don’t take my word as gospel, nobody elected me pope.

What it means to me though, is that I handle my shit. I take care of the people around me. I fight my own weaknesses and fears, do my damndest to be grateful and give thanks, I strive to show compassion to those around me, to work hard – like a demon, to better myself at every opportunity and adhere to my own personal core values. And eat bacon.

It also means I don’t judge another man, woman or child by the way they look, language they speak, or god(s) they do or do not worship. I don’t look in the mirror and see superiority because my skin is pale – I see room for improvement and nothing else. Above all, I don’t stand by quietly while my fellow Americans face injustice, discrimination, overt hatred and racism. I don’t keep my mouth shut or mind my own business.

Being a man means that I fight the good fight because that’s the right thing to do, the man thing do to.



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